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Tamika Guishard


Tamika is a first-generation American born of Kittitian heritage in East New York, Brooklyn. With the mind of a Ranger, heart of a teacher and soul of a dancer, she taught middle school Social Studies in her hometown before completing the NYU Graduate Film program. She believes in the powerful fusion of education and cinema, collaborating with school districts, Tribeca Film Institute, Great Minds, National Parks, and on Leech Lake Reservation to make “films that help”. She is passionate about video's capacity to calibrate divergent perspectives toward bolstering universal humanity, and helps cultivate relationships amongst fellow mission-driven storytellers as Community Manager.

At SWC she ensures that auteurs have opportunities and resources to build on the connections made in residence. In addition to being featured at Center for Educational Policy Research and SXSWedu as a pedagogical filmmaker, her work has been supported by Rooftop Filmmakers Fund, NYSCA, Purple List, Athena Film & TV, Black Women Film! Canada at TIFF, Residency Unlimited and IFP. Fostered by her Bushwick middle school’s motto “to whom much is given, much is required”, the nonsibi fundamentals imbued in her at Andover, and a Penn Quaker state-of-mind, she is excited to pay it forward in this role.