Funny People IV

Our 4th Episodic Comedy Colony hosted four talented and hilarious writers: Callum Smith, Katherine Craft, Mike Roma, and Madalyn Baldanzi. Each of them dug deep to bring their projects to a new level while on Nantucket. Eric Gilliland was Creative Advisor for the entire program. Mentors included veteran TV writers Barbara Wallace and Tom Wolfe, and YouTube Global Head of Original Content Susanne Daniels. Carver Diserens served as Program Coordinator and Jacob Salzberg joined us as Writers’ Room Assistant. The four writers spent 18 days workshopping and revising their original pilot scripts, punching up jokes, honing their pitching skills, and preparing a staged reading of excerpts for the 24th Annual Nantucket Film Festival with the help of SWC Board member Lynne Bolton and White Heron Theater.

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