Alumni Connections: Vives & Treem


Working Writers

Eva Vives on set

During each of our programs we see writers support each other with invaluable feedback, professional advice, and good old fashioned camaraderie. But support comes in many forms, and it doesn’t hurt to help a fellow creative get some damn work!  

So we were naturally thrilled when we heard Eva Vives (2009 alum) would be directing an episode of The Affair, the hit Showtime show created by our Sarah Treem (2010 alum). Sarah shared a bit of backstory about meeting Eva for the first time (SPOILER: It includes us): “I met this great beauty maybe 7 or 8 years ago when I offered to drive her and her husband from New York to Nantucket for the @screenwriterscolony that year. I didn’t know her from Adam at the beginning, but she was just so fun to be around, by the end of the trip I was in ❤️. Now many movies, tv shows and children later we are finally getting a chance to work together (she’s directing ep 5!) and I can’t stand how damn proud of that I am. @supervives 

Supporting great writers and bringing them together - these are the reasons we do what we do. Check out Eva’s episode (S 5 E 5). It drops tonight!

Bill Gullo