October Colony Selections

We’re delighted to announce the final four that will grace us with their presence and projects this fall. We are through the moon that Cyril Aris (IT'S A SAD AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD), Sabina Vajraca (FOR BURAZ), David Anderson (BLACK APPLE), and Elizabeth Chatelain (LØVSET’S MANOEUVRE) will join us in Nantucket for the entire month. We will share more on their cutting-edge projects soon.

The selection process for this year’s October Colony was literally titanic. Our Feature colony writers are just the tip of the iceberg in a pool of chillingly talented scribes. We’d be remiss not to thank these industry-nominated auteurs and acknowledge their screenplays making our decision amazingly difficult this year. Please find our esteemed favorites below that are guaranteed to be on a big screen near you sooner than later.


  • Anthony Onah (GOLIATH)

  • Bane Fakih (KEEP IT TOGETHER)

  • Danielle Krudy (THE ARGONAUT)

  • Gerry De Leon (SAN MIGUEL)

  • Haley Anderson (COYOTE BOYS)

  • Iesh Thapar (ALIEN KULTURE)

  • Laurel Parmet (THE STARLING GIRL)

  • Mikel Gurrea (HOLD)

  • Sam Zalutsky (THE BOOK OF DAHLIA)


  • Briget Stokes (INTO THE LIGHT)

  • Bruce Bundy (THE ONE)

  • Deborah Esquenazi (QUEEN OF WANDS)

  • Gabrielle Demeestere (TERRA)

  • Hannah Peterson (BLUETS)

  • Harriet Beany (SUNNYSIDE BEACH)

  • Henry Loevner (THE PSYCHONAUT)

  • Hunter Cope (AMBROSIA)

  • Jenny Halper (AT RISK)

  • Jill Morley (SEE JANE FIGHT)

  • Jonathan Minard (EARTH DAY)


  • Madeline Youngberg (NEMESIS)

  • Morgan Evans (SCOTT-AMUNDSON!)

  • Rhys Ernst (CACTUS)

  • Shamar White (SOLDIERHOOD)

  • Stefanie Sparks (RAT RACE)

A hearty congrats to all!