Virtual Reality Action Lab




We are beyond thrilled to share news of the Virtual Reality Action Lab which has now officially launched. For months, Screenwriters Colony has been partnered with multiple stakeholders to bring pieces of original VR content from the mind of creators to the page to the screen. Harmony Labs took the lead on this project with collaboration and support from us as well as GoogleSensorium Works, and Institute of Play.


Our esteemed makers were Mary John Frank, Aleem Hossain, Adaora Udoji. Moving forward, their VR experiences will be pilot-tested at a number of public schools in Illinois, and localized by Google’s Trust and Safety team for key markets globally.


Since data show that recent anti bullying efforts are waning, the makers were exposed to deep research from a variety of sources in hopes of avoiding pitfalls in current anti-bullying campaigns. So this was truly content with a purpose. Storytelling with a purpose. We know there is not a simple, singular answer to such a complex problem, but we all hope these pieces can play a part in activating young people to be upstanders in the face of bullying.


One of our roles in the project was to help find these wonderful makers who would go on this intensive creative experience. After all, SWC has always been committed to discovering emerging talent and have now turned our attention to emerging media. To support artists who push the boundaries of their craft, we are excited to include Virtual Reality in our programming. We plan on this being the first of many partnerships that enable us fulfill our mission in new and exciting ways.


In these tumultuous political times, we all see so much troubling news being shared. In the name of taking action, please take the opportunity to share this work, work that is actively trying to be part of the solution. And we should all take heart in the fact that many people chose to spend their ideas, their time, their passion, and their money in hopes of sparking hope and positive change.



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