Sarah Adina Smith’s BUSTER’S MAL HEART with Rami Malek racking up rave reviews out of TIFF



BUSTER’S MAL HEART by Colony Alum Sarah Adina Smith (’14) premiered to glowing reviews at Toronto International Film Festival. It’s the first feature for Emmy-winning Rami Malek, and features a


Hollywood Reporter:

“Fans of Mr. Robot won’t be disappointed in the least by this vehicle for Emmy-winning series star Rami Malek, which both fits in with Mr. Robot’s delusion-prone paranoia and lets the charismatic actor stretch out in his first feature lead. But the picture’s art house appeal goes further than that, demonstrating Sarah Adina Smith‘s cinematic intelligence and an acute sympathy for alienated characters.”


Paste Magazine:

Buster’s Mal Heart “will appeal to nearly everyone. A great part of that appeal is a lead performance by Rami Malek that goes well beyond even his outstanding work on his series Mr. Robot. Part of it is in a plot that explores the tense paranoia and conspiracy fears that seem to underlie much of our political life at the moment. And part of it is the joy of seeing Sarah Adina Smith develop before our eyes from a promising director to an important one.”


The Daily Beast:

“Rami Malek and Sarah Adina Smith have made a deeply ponderous and unusual film in Buster’s Mal Heart, and I was glad to be able to talk about the profound absurdity/absurd profundity of life and the curious taste of fernet with them in Toronto.”


Screen Anarchy:

Rami Malek is having a moment. As the star of one of the most popular shows on television (Mr. Robot), Malek is likely getting big movie offers on a regular basis. So the choice to star as a bearded weirdo shitting in pots on kitchen counters might seem like an odd decision. Odd is indeed a good word to describe Sarah Adina Smith‘s latest feature Buster’s Mal Heart. So are fantastic, thought-provoking, off-beat, and hilarious. This is a bizarre film – but one that weasels right into your heart and builds itself a ramshackle little weasel nest.” – Screen Anarchy


The Ink & Code:

Buster’s Mal Heart “is both cinematic and literary, an accomplishment not often seen in films. While I could easily point to influences such as David Lynch, David Mitchell, and perhaps a dash of Yann Martel, Ms. Smith’s voice is wholly her own, and a powerful voice at that… It is a film that begs to be watched repeatedly… Rami Malek has the chops of a veteran and the promise of a future superstar… When the credits started to roll, I wanted to start the film over again from the start. It is both sad and wonderful.”


Smith and Malek on whether love and freedom can coexist:


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