Wyndham Lewis


Wyndham Lewis is a television writer who most recently served as Story Editor and Staff Writer for the Emmy Award winning Showtime series, Nurse Jackie.


Previously, Wyndham served as Speechwriter, Press Secretary and ultimately, Chief of Staff serving four Massachusetts Governors. Subsequently, he was Senior Vice President of The High Tech Council, a Public Policy (lobbying) group representing more than one hundred of the United States’ most influential tech CEOs.


During his time in television and politics, his political, food, lifestyle, sports and technology articles were published in several newspapers and magazines including: Esquire; Details; Boston Magazine; Boston Globe; Boston Herald; Boston Phoenix, Blurt; Independent Film; FLM; Improper Bostonian; Shoot; PC-Magazine and US Magazine. While still working in the Governor’s office, Wyndham was also a 2006 semi-finalist for The Nicholl Fellowship for his first feature film script, The 97th Percentile.