Victor Quinaz



In 2013 Victor finished his first feature film, BREAKUP AT A WEDDING, a romantic comedy from Oscilloscope Labs (EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP) which he directed and co-wrote (and begrudgingly co-stars in), produced by Anonymous Content (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) and Before The Door Pictures (MARGIN CALL). The film was based around the talents and comedy of his successful online film series, PERIODS. Films.

For the last four years PERIODS. Films has cultivated a cult like following with their hilariously costumed short period films. Released online, the series started with their instantly viral PILGRIMS and has been featured in the LA Times, Huffington Post, EW, New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog, Jezebel, The Hairpin, and, yes, even High Times. Time Out NY rated the series #15 in Funniest Online Series of All Time (before Drunk History but after Between Two Ferns, we’re cool with that!) PERIODS. was the centerpiece of the opening night gala at the HollyShorts FIlm Festival at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on August 10th 2012 and also played a special showcase at the Raindance Film Festival in 2013. A feature version of the shorts will be released later in 2014.

As a Commercial Director Victor has with clients ranging from Absolut Vodka and Malibu Rum to Garofalo Pasta and H&M as well as YSL and Rockstar Games. Victor has also designed and sold numerous online marketing campaigns to clients including the Independent Spirit Awards and BBE.

Victor published his first graphic novel, MR. MURDER IS DEAD in 2012 with Archaia Entertainment and Before The Door. The book was listed on several major Top Ten Lists and was well reviewed.

Most recently directed DOG C.E.O for Adult Swim and worked as a producer on the AMC docu-series GAME OF ARMS. He is also co-producing and co-writing his wife, Anna Martemucci’s film HOLLIDAYSBURG for the new reality show THE CHAIR.

In 2004, Victor completed his first short film, CHINESE DREAM. The film has since played in over 50 international film festivals, was short-listed for the 2005 Academy Awards,

In 2005, he was awarded a spot at The Screenwriters Colony in Nantucket for his script THE SWEET WATER.