Rose Surnow


At six feet tall and a hundred pounds, Rose Surnow looked like Jewish praying mantis during her formative years. With no possible way of blending in, Rose was forced into comedy as a way to win friends and influence people.


Before moving to LA to write for TV, Rose was a sex writer in New York. Her comedic sex essays have been featured in New York Magazine, VICE, Cosmopolitan, and many other outlets. Her first published essay, “I Gave a Handy at Jew Camp,” about her experience on Birthright, immediately went viral, jump­starting her writing career.


Rose has been named as “One of the 15 Funniest Humans to Follow on Twitter” by and one of the“18 Funniest women on Twitter” by the Huffington Post.


In 2013, Rose moved to LA to attend USC’s MFA Screenwriting program and graduated this May. Upon graduation, Rose was immediately offered management at 3Arts and quickly got a staff job writing on “10 Things” a new comedy on TruTV. The show just wrapped and Rose is now working on a pilot titled “Screwed” about a sex writer in her 20’s who has never had an orgasm. Rose writes TV comedies about misfits and weirdos looking for love. Go figure.


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