Marc Arneson



Marc Arneson (2007) currently teaches screenwriting at UCLA. In 2009 his feature script JUST PECK, which was he polished during his time at the Screenwriters Colony was independently produced. Marc has also written internet shorts for the Game Show Network and in 2011 co-wrote and sold a half-hour pilot script to Fox Television Animation.

As a kid, Marc traveled with his family in a VW van through Europe, Turkey and North Africa, finally settling in Taormina, Sicily. They moved back to Connecticut and he still doesn’t know why. In high school Marc served as a Page in the U.S. Senate and has since heard all the jokes, so don’t bother. Marc studied in Spain and Italy while an undergraduate, and later earned a Masters Degree in Political Science, which sounded good at the time. He’s been a deckhand on Norwegian and Dutch tall ships, as well as a volunteer with the Audubon Society in Costa Rica and the U.S. Peace Corps in Mongolia, where he taught English to shepherd children in the middle of nowhere. Marc received his M.F.A. in Screenwriting from UCLA in 2005. While in school his work won a number of honors including the UCLA Screenwriters Showcase, the Jack Nicholson Prize in Screenwriting and the Harmony Gold and Zaki Gordon screenwriting awards. There he also served as a teaching assistant and helped edit and research the highly acclaimed screenwriting bible, Write Screenplays That Sell –The Ackerman Way, written by Prof. Hal Ackerman, co-chair of the UCLA Screenwriting Department. In 2007 Marc’s script PECK won the Showtime Tony Cox Screenwriting Award at the Nantucket Film Festival. In 2008 the script was produced and, now titled JUST PECK, stars Marcia Cross, Adam Arkin, Camryn Manheim, Brie Larson and Keir Gilchrist. Marc loved his experience at The Screenwriters Colony and he will always be thankful for the fun memories, the insightful Mentors and the wonderful friends that continue to make his writing and his life richer.