Joe Keohane


I’ve been a working journalist for fifteen years, writing about everything from politics, to crime, to culture, to travel, for Esquire, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Politico and many others. I’ve interviewed senators, mayors, CEOs, and a first lady. I’ve been stranded for three days on a desert island in Indonesia, harassed by gang members in Boston, chased down the street by teenagers in Jerusalem, screamed at by Senator Scott Brown, and many other hilarious misadventures. My family has never forgiven me for moving to New York, even after nine years. They consider it a judgement on them. Maybe they’re right. I have a five month old daughter, who, though selfish and stingy with naps, has genuine charm and scrap. I am married to a New Yorker, play the bass, enjoy spicy food, burn easily and can hardly swim.