Ajani Jackson


Ajani Jackson is a writer/director from Mid-Michigan. The son of academics, both veterans of the Civil Rights & Black Power movements, Ajani developed a passion to tell stories about outcasts navigating treacherous worlds in which nothing is what it seems. After completing his degree at the University of Kansas, Ajani obtained his Screenwriting MFA from Columbia University. There, he developed two film intensive courses; a mentorship program for city high school students, and workshop for the World Economic forum’s Global Leadership Fellows. Ajani worked in development at Cine Mosaic before going on to develop stories with several award winning filmmakers, including an Oscar Nominee. His short film scripts, Cain & Tobacco Burn received the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Short Film Award & the Everest Entertainment Development Award, respectively, before making their way to film festivals around the world. His screenplay, Margaret Grey, made it to the second round of consideration for the Sundance Feature Screenwriting Lab. With his work, Ajani hopes to examine and communicate the infinite diversity of the human condition.