Our Mission 

Screenwriters Colony exists to support talented emerging screenwriters by providing them with focused time and space to write in a nurturing environment with the camaraderie of fellow writers-in-residence and guidance from industry mentors.


Screenwriters Colony was founded in 2002 to provide a select group of emerging screenwriters with focused time and space to develop their work, engage with peers, and receive guidance from industry professionals. Accommodating a single writer in its first year, the Colony has grown into a prestigious  incubator of new talent recognized throughout the film community. Since its inception, more than 60 emerging writers and 75 industry mentors have participated in the our writers-in-residence programs.


Nearly all of our alumni are now thriving professionals within the film and television industry.


Some of the films written by our alumni include It Follows (David Robert Mithcell, '11), Cake (Patrick Tobin ’14), Tallulah (Sian Heder '08), The Kings Of Summer (Chris Galletta ’10), Raising Victor Vargas (Eva Vives ’09), Cold Souls (Sophie Barthes ’06), Sunshine Cleaning (Megan Holley ’04), and Teeth (Mitchell Lichtenstein ’02).

In television, our alumni’s credits include such critically-acclaimed shows as Girls, he Affair, Orange is the New Black, House Of Cards and In Treatment.





Each year since its founding, the Screenwriters Colony has proudly hosted the winner of The Nantucket Film Festival’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition winner as one of the four emerging writers-in-residence at our October program.

As partners in supporting the art of screenwriting, The Nantucket Film Festival and The Screenwriters Colony have collaborated for more than a decade to make Nantucket a home for screenwriters and screenwriting.


Screenwriters Colony Alumni who have won the NFF’s Tony Cox Feature Film Screenplay Competition:


Kristen Dávila - 2015 Winner for: Counterintelligence

Clark Carroll  — 2014 Winner for: Early Plus Infinity 

Patrick Tobin — 2013 Winner for: Cake

Stella Meghie — 2012 Winner for: Jean Of The Joneses

Kaitlin McLaughlin — 2011 Winner for: The Murphys

Tommy Butler — 2010 Winner for: Etopia

Jenny Deller — 2009 Winner for: Future Weather

Fred M. Strype — 2008 Winner for: Anna Down East

Marc Arneson — 2007 Winner for: Peck

Sophie Barthes — 2006 Winner for: Cold Souls

Will Luers — 2005 Winner for: Mink

Jennifer Maisel — 2004 Winner for: The Last Seder

Chase Palmer — 2003 Winner for: Buried Above Ground


Sarasota Film Festival

In 2015 Screenwriters Colony partnered with the Sarasota Film Festival to develop programming for episodic drama writing. Together we have hosted panels and workshops with our alumni and other notable writers including Frank Pugliese, Veena Sud, and Tatiana Suarez-Pico.



META inspires changes in human behavior through story, technology and design. Screenwriters Colony is excited to collaborate with META to create an immersive workshop focused on writing for Virtual Reality in summer 2016. We will bring together screenwriters, artists and creative technologists working in the vanguard of filmmaking and the rapidly evolving medium of Virtual Reality storytelling.






Nantucket is a special island 30 miles south of Cape Cod with a population of 10,000 year-round residents, 80 miles of sandy shoreline (all of it open to the public), and extensive bike trails criss-crossing the island. Close to 50 percent of the island is conservation land, offering vast areas for walking and hiking.


Deriving its name from the Wampanoag word meaning "faraway land", Nantucket is the historic whaling capital of America, and served as the setting for the literary classic Moby Dick. Boasting unparalleled natural beauty, iconic lighthouses and historic sites, a thriving arts community, and renowned food and dining scene, National Geographic names Nantucket number one on their list of top islands in the world.


Our home on Nantucket is the Almanack Arts Colony, a beautiful, secluded farm in Polpis at the center of the island set amidst conservation trails and cranberry bogs. AAC is a non-profit organization that shares the mission of Screenwriters Colony to provide emerging artists of great promise with the opportunity to live and work on the farm, and escape the pressures of the commercial world at the precise moment in their career when they can benefit most from the solitude, focused study, mentorship, and inspiration the Colony experience provides.