We are excited to announce our 2015 Colonists! Nicole BrendingKristen DávilaHernán Jiménez, and Jason Kim will spend the month of October writing at Almanack Farm on Nantucket.


Nicole Brending’s screenplay THE YEAR OF FUCK YOU is an absurdist comedy about a single poor woman trying to navigate the social services system in New York after finding out that she’s pregnant.


Kristen Dávila’s SIREN is based on the true story of two women in 1718—one in pursuit of fame and fortune, the other bent on revenge—who team up to become the most notorious female pirates of all time.


Hernán Jiménez will work on BRUNO DEL BOSQUE. After being evicted from his beloved home, a man sets a desperate plan in motion to get it back, with very unlikely and life-changing results.


What does it mean to transgress for love? Jason Kim’s adaptation of Shakespeare, TWO GENTS follows the story of Patrick, whose lust for his best friend’s girl might drive him to do just about anything to win her over.


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